Private Collection Group Buys

The purpose of this collection is to offer a means for people to sample teas that would otherwise not be accessible to the general public, especially on the Western Tea Market. This is due to seasonal and or limited quantity access to these teas— primarily old growth, or unique patches with even more unique terroir & biodiversity. These teas generally are either too expensive to stock in bulk, costing anywhere from $1/g upwards— or are simply not possible to stock in bulk. The way this collection will work, is for each tea listed— it will require a specific amount of buyers who pre-pay for the tea to be sampled by everyone. If required amount to import (354g for tea cakes), or 1kg for loose teas— is met by the amount of buyers, the tea will be imported and distributed accordingly. If the amount of buyers required to import is not met, everyone will be refunded for their pre-order. This is a fun way for the tea community to come together and taste teas together that we would otherwise not have access to.