Yixing Bronze Weight Style Zini/ Lvni 85ml Teapot

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This piece is an absolutely captivating work of art. Like our other Yixing pots, this clay comes from the famous Huanglong Mountain— where the ore is then masterfully processed into clay, handworked into this tea pot, and fired with incredible skill. This teapot is a single hole, following the ancient style of the “bronze weight” teapots— and is 85ml, making it amazing for experiencing rare and expensive teas in smaller and more potent sessions. It consists of a blend of Duanni, and Lvni Yixing Clay. The ring on the lid of the teapot moves freely. 


This teapot ships from our Boulder, CO Inventory, with a 2-4 day arrival in US— it’s the only one available at the moment from our partner studio.