“Gushu” Ancient Tree Raw Puerh Sampler

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Behold, our “Gushu” Ancient Tree Raw Puerh Sampler— available as 10g sample of each, or 1oz of each. This sampler includes three incredibly special and delicious old growth; wild harvested puerhs, all from above 1800 meters, hand picked, and hiked out to the nearest processing facility. Each tea comes to fruition without any bitterness or astringency, that is commonly found with most raw Puerh on the Western markets, but the same, if not better, benefits of probiotic colonies due fermentation, and each carrying a potent Qi. It includes our Xigui Raw Puerh harvested in 2017 from ~250 year old wild trees, our Bingdao Raw Puerh harvested in 2019 from ~300 year old wild trees, and our Mengku Raw Puerh Harvested in 2008 from ~500-600 year old wild trees in a small bamboo grove outside Nasai Village. To our knowledge; there is nothing of this caliber on the western market, let alone as a set in small increments for sampling. We hope you come to know the thick, sweet sensation of Huigan, and love it as much as we do. Limited amounts available, when it’s gone, it’s gone for good.