Hand Painted Porcelain Gongfu Tea Cup

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This is a beautiful and sturdy handmade, hand painted calligraphy,  porcelain teacup from one of our partner studios in Jiangsu. The cups hold heat incredibly well, are very sturdy, and do not get hot to the touch for the thickness of the cups themselves. We find they are even cooler to the touch than many of our thicker cups from other purveyors. 

The calligraphy on the cup is as follows... 寒夜客来茶当酒,竹炉汤沸火初红  , which loosely translates to “The cold night guests come to tea as wine, and the bamboo stove soup is boiling hot”. The cups are approximately 45ml.

These items are made to order, and shipping time is 10-14 days instead of 4-7, as with our teas.