Yixing Zini Clay Ju Lun Heart Sutra Style 140ml Teapot

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A must have for any serious gongfu brewer, the Ju Lun Zhu made from Zi Clay, in Yixing, China, has been one of the most sought after shapes for Master Tea Brewers since the Ming Dynasty. Hand carved with the Heart Sutra, the pores of this clay will mellow out the sharper notes of raw puerh,  yet allow the essence of the body to shine through. The teapot has been seasoned with wet stored, smoother bodied Shou puerh, that has been aged for at least 15+ years, and carefully smoothed out over the surface of the pot— and will continue to get a smoother patina over time, as well as continue to brew better tea exponentially as the oils infuse into the pores, on its path of brewing great puerh. 130ml, 14 hole filter.

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