2015 Harvest Lao Banzhang Ancient Tree Raw Puerh

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This tea is from the older of two villages in Banzhang Village Committee, in Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Menghai County, Yunnan Province. This is a commonly forged tea— to have access to the real deal, from ancient trees in Old Banzhang— is incredibly rare. The trees produce a thick soup when brewed, with a strong cooling sensation, and returning sweetness that lingers on the palette. Old Banzhang Puerh is infamous for producing a strong head strong sensation, and lasting impression. This specific batch was harvested, and has been fermenting since 2015– making it a nice balance of lighter florals, and deeper heavy body notes. 

The group works in increments of ten samples pre ordered. When we reach ten units, we will acquire the allotted amount and distribute it accordingly. If ten units is not met in the time in which you preorder, you will be refunded. These teas are very seasonal and limited offering— so this is the best way to allow everyone to try super special teas that don’t normally go on the market.