2012 Banzhang Ecological Preserve Ripe Puerh Tea

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This Ripe Puerh is harvested in Banzhang’s Ecological Preserve, at higher altitudes with strong biodiversity. This is sourced from the surrounding mountains that are below the most prized tea in the world— Lao Banzhang Puerh.  The tea consists of spring buds, harvested in 2012 from the tea trees within the ecological preserve. The aroma is like mulled wine, dark chocolate, and petrichor— and the flavor is very well rounded petrichor, light sweetness, and very deep and thick liquor. If you like thick but clean puerh that lasts many steeps, this one is for you.

Characteristic Tasting Notes:

- Dark Chocolate, Thick Petrichor, Clean Woody Body.

Brewing Instructions:

Water Temp: 196-200F

Amount: 4-7g tea, 140-200ml Pot

Steeping Time

1st Infusion: 5-6 seconds.

2nd Infusion: 5-6 seconds.

3rd Infusion: 5-7 seconds.

4th Infusion: 8-10 seconds.

5th Infusion: 15 seconds (add 5 additional seconds for any subsequent infusions after the 5th).


Western Brewing Method:

     - Place 2g of tea (about 1 tbsp) in a straining device inside a mug, fill with water that’s 200+F, steep 5 minutes, and enjoy.