2021 Spring Taiwanese Alishan GABA Jin Xuan Oolong Tea

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Not only is this harvested above 1500m in altitude, this Taiwanese Oolong is from the most well known and prized mountain tops of Taiwan’s ancient tea mountains, it is also hand picked, crafted, and roasted with absolute perfection. 
   This tea is a GABA Oolong, meaning they tea is isolated in nitrogen (naturally, think dry ice cooler, instead of oxygen— this process, instead of oxydizing the enzymes on the tea leaves, naturally converts the glutamate, into high a high concentration of GABA— which works to calm the central nervous system. This technique was invented in Japan and brought to the National Institute of Tea Research in Taiwan in the late 1900s. This tea is incredibly flavorful as well, and brews many steeps. Thick broth, well rounded sweetness, and apricot come to mind. The high Alishan altitude provides the tangy note we love as well, and the balanced roasting, resting, and re-roasting process, allows the true flavor of the terroir to come through.

Brewing Instructions:

Water Temp: 180-186F

Amount: 4-7g tea, 140-200ml Pot

Steeping Time: 

(Fill teapot with water for 3 seconds, and dispose of water to rinse leaves) 

1st Infusion: 10-12 seconds.

2nd Infusion: 12-16 seconds 

3rd Infusion: 14-22 seconds 

4th Infusion: 20-30 seconds

5th Infusion: 30+ seconds (add 20 or more seconds of any subsequent infusions after 5).


Western Brewing Method:

     - Place 2g of tea (about 1 tbsp) in a straining device inside a mug, fill with water that’s 184F, steep 5 minutes, and enjoy.