Basket Aged Guangxi Gaoshan Spring Bud Pick Liu Bao Tea

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This is just about as good as it gets when it comes to Liu Bao Cha, and that is due to the raw starting material used to make this tea, over ten years ago before it began its journey or fermentation. Most Liu Bao is made with very low grade leaf material, as it is easy to disguise during the fermenting process— ours, however is different. Behold, our •Weavers Basket• Liu Bao An Cha— truly one of a kind, and very rare and limited in quality. The tea is stored in beautifully handmade woven baskets, and comes in one if purchased by the kilo. 

Using Guangxi Gaoshan (high altitude) special grade Liubao cha qing, they are all spring buds with tender tips, refined through traditional fermentation technology, and then stored in the wooden warehouse for many years. Now the tea has a gentle "red bean soup" sweetness, and silky texture. The silky plant fragrance, the soup feels thick and almost grit like, the soup color is red and thick, oily, smooth and moist, but does not lose the sweetness and activity of the tea.

 The customized tea series are all made from the raw materials and choose with great concentration. Good raw materials are the necessary basis for making a good tea. Then, in accordance with the traditional Liubao tea production process, combined with modern tea drinking and stomach health, the fermentation rate is 70%. It is necessary to highlight the gentle and nourishing power of tea, but also to take into account the taste of the soup and retain the activity of tea, which is conducive to the improvement of later transformation.

Tasting Notes:

- Petrichor, Hay, Faint Tobacco Leaf.