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Rooted Soul - 2021 Harvest Fijian Kava Kava Root Powder

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Kava Kava, or Piper Methysticum, a relative of the black pepper family (which explains its bitter and tingly sensation in the mouth when consumed)— is a root/ shrub plant native to the Pacific Islands, and eventually brought over by the Polynesians to Hawaii for cultivation. It has been used for centuries as a social lubricant, and relaxant, for its anti anxiety properties. Elders and common laborers gather at the end of the work day in the village on the pacific islands, and pass around a “Tanoa”, or large hand carved wooden bowl, and share Kava amongst the families and community, using the ceremony of “Bula”, to bring in new, clear, and calm energies, and dispose of old, stagnant, or abrasive ones. In these villages today, alcohol is still banned within the gates, and kava kava serves as the main alternative to ease the minds and bodies of those after a hard days work is done.
     Kava is unique in that, as opposed to other things that work on the GABA receptors, like alcohol, or benzodiazepines, you actually need less over time to achieve stronger results, as the root becomes acquainted with your receptors, and your body knows how to efficiently process the plant. This leads to decreased dependencies, especially compared to alternatives that are used in Western society, which have far greater consequences, and risk of suppression, etc. Kava feels almost as if the relaxation of alcohol, met the healthy natural form, and subtle alteration, with no side effects, as a cup of tea— as it works on similar receptors, but is an unaltered, naturally occurring plant, not a chemical— so interacts with the body in a far gentler and less dangerous manner.
    Kava is also unique in that the part of the plant that is harvested, determines whether the effect will be more relaxing for your body, or for your mind. The lateral roots (above ground), coincidently calm the mind and upper realms, where as the root of the plant below the ground, known as the basal or stump root (below ground),  coincidently calms the body and lower realms. Our kava is freshly ground upon entry to US soil, unlike most kava that is ground before being sent to the US. This allows for supreme quality control, and batch testing. We also blend the lateral and stump root, to create the ideal balance of both mind, and body relaxation. Our kava is harvested from 7+ year old plants, which are higher in Kavalactones, in Fiji, from agrochemical free soil and terroir, multiple times a year to ensure freshness. They are also sun dried using traditional and ancient technique, to ensure quality and flavor— as opposed to the more modern, and rushed techniques of oven drying, or drying over fire. 

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