2009 Yiwu Zhengshan Gushu Green Mark Ripe Puerh Tea

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This tea is best described as deeply grounding, and centering. The wet leaf scent is reminiscent of dark chocolate, camphor, and deep, rich, well balanced, and soothing petrichor. It is formed using Gushu material, from ancient trees in Yiwu, on Zeng Mt, within Yunnan province. It is extremely rare to get good ancient tree Yiwu Tea that is processed as Ripe Puerh instead of raw puerh— so we are grateful to offer this tea. This unique terroir comes through in the grounding body of the tea, and the ancient trees energy comes on with a deep & clarifying stillness  upon consumption. Known locally as “Ancient Virgin Spirits”, the trees that are harvested are Macrophanerophytes, meaning their top budding trees around 30-50 meters tall— and very old. The older tea integrates more of the surrounding biodiversity, as the roots dig deeper in the ground, and the branches reach further out into the surrounding forests. This tea is interesting because it has a thick tasting body, but brews medium thickness in terms of actual viscosity. If you like clean but potent ripe puerh, this is a great option.

Characteristic Tasting Notes:

- Petrichor, Camphor, Chocolate. 

Brewing Instructions:

Water Temp: 196-200F

Amount: 4-7g tea, 140-200ml Pot

Steeping Time

1st Infusion: 5-6 seconds.

2nd Infusion: 5-6 seconds.

3rd Infusion: 5-7 seconds.

4th Infusion: 8-10 seconds.

5th Infusion: 15 seconds (add 5 additional seconds for any subsequent infusions after the 5th). 


Western Brewing Method:

     - Place 2g of tea (about 1 tbsp) in a straining device inside a mug, fill with water that’s 200+F, steep 5 minutes, and enjoy.