Yemeni Myrrh Resin Incense

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This resin is wild harvested from the Commiphora Myrrha genome, from where the Arabian Desert meets and mingles with the Arabian Sea, on the Yemeni side of the Yemen/ Oman border. It is very hard to source authentic Myrrh from from Commiphora Myrrha, let alone in its home terroir of Yemen, and many fakes are found on the market from other tree species that produce similar resins of lesser grade.

Myrrh has been used for centuries upon centuries, and was one of the 3 supposed gifts to baby Jesus upon arrival, along with Frankincense, and Gold, from the three kings. It's use can also be traced back to ancient Egypt, as a method of connecting and praying to the Goddess' at the time.

We love and practice many lineages of spirit— as do the holders of the resins that provide this beautiful and healing smoke. The essence is that of the spirit of the Earth and plants, and the depths of the ethers-- it has a very deep and calming essence. It can be used in any tradition to clear stagnant energy and purify the body and home, or any temple at hand, to ground into the physical body using the tools of the non-physical.

This Myrrh is both wild, and sustainably harvested, using a many century old method of harvesting, that results in the best quality resin, while also protecting the integrity and longevity of the tree, and surrounding terroir— so that future generations can enjoy this offering. 

*How to Use*

Burn/ Melt resin using a charcoal, or electric resin burner. If using a charcoal, make sure the charcoal is fully lit, and placed in a fire/ heat safe vessel. Wait about a minute after the charcoal is lit, and place a piece of the frankincense resin on top of the coal, and be transported through the ethers and centuries of spiritual tradition— completing the experience of the lineages with the connection the the present moment, right here and now.