Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is the form of Camellia Sinensis that is carefully hand picked, and then rolled, twisted, or kneaded in order to release the enzymes in the leaf that start the process of oxidation— namely that which turns a green tea into a black tea. The leaves of Oolong Tea are normally anywhere from 30%-80% oxidized, before applying heat through roasting in order to kill the active enzymes and hault the oxidation process. Depending on the tea, they are sometimes roasted again to enhance certain aspects of aroma or flavor. We specialize in high altitude teas, generally over 1000m above sea level, where the clean air, water, old growth tea bushes or trees, and minerals of the land enhance subtleties in the leaf. This process results in a variety of natural essences in the leaf, ranging from oceanic and seaweed with lighter varietals, to dark chocolate, cinnamon,  and cherry with some of the darker oolongs. We absolutely love the lure of the elusive Oolong, due to the level of production skill involved, which results in the incredible ability of the brew to capture flavors and aromas unlike any other processing method. Our teas are all hand picked, and processed by Tea Masters in their original and historically accurate cultivar locations.