About Us

Donny Maute

My name is Donny, CEO and Owner of Wuji Tea Company. I grew up in New Jersey, and after high school, spent the next 6 years of my life studying geology, traveling and seeing as much of the world as I could. I found out pretty quickly I love nothing more than the thrill of traveling, seeing new places, learning about other cultures, experiencing new things, and sharing those precious times with the individuals I come across in my life.
I have become increasingly interested and obsessed with tea over the last several years, and gongfu cha has become an integral part of my daily life. For me, tea has two faces: one, a time in which I set everything else aside, be present, appreciative, and reflect without judgement. The second, a time to bond with friends a loved ones alike, and to share an interesting conversation over an invigorating, and enlightening elixir that tells a story on its own.
Not only are we present through art of gongfu cha, but we relive the story of each and every tea we drink. Our goal is to provide our consumers with high-quality teas from the most famous tea regions of the world. We hope you carve your own tea journey along the way.

Scott Cerick

   My name is Scotty, and I am the original founder of Wuji Tea Company I was born in New York, and grew up in Connecticut, studied Philosophy at CU in Boulder, then moved to Spain to work as a chef, and onward to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I discovered Gongfu Cha, and Taoism. From the Bay Area, I went on to China to study tea under a tea master in Shanghai, and then backpacked through the mountains, to arrive and live on top of a mountain at a 1400 year old Taoist Temple of the Dragons Gate Yang sect of the Complete Reality School of Taoism, where I studied Qi Gong, Taiji, meditation, Taoist medicine, and internal alchemy, in Wudangshan region. I love connecting with community, nature, classic rock/ eastern music, meditation, family, friends, skiing, taoism, zen, modern philosophy, tea pouring, and cultivating meaningful relationships. Thank you all for being a part of our community thus far - I look forward to the unfolding of this Path for all of us.