• Small-Batch & Rare Teas, Carefully Curated for Your Enjoyment.

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Welcome to Our CommuniTea

Fresh, Clean, & Invigorating Teas, Unlike Anything Else

The compounds in tea, namely Caffeine, L-Theanine, Polyphenols, & Antioxidants— combine to create a synergistic state of calm, yet focused awareness. It’s no wonder why Tea, namely the Camellia Sinensis Plant, has been used for thousands of years by monks, practitioners of holistic medicine, scholars, authors, and folks driven toward self improvement alike. Teas ability to bring oneself into awareness of the present moment is unlike anything else.

“This tea is insane!!! Has a crazy qi, not to even mention the flavor, but the qi alone is reason to try. Flavor will shock you first time, very complex, lots of flowers, herb, and oak. Unlike any other tea I have had. Feels so good on the nerves, good tea for the night. Longevity is wild for such a floral and light tea, you can really tell the quality of the trees.”

Review of our Wild Harvest Purple Bud Black Tea, by Parker G.

“Amazing teas & I feel like theres one for every mood. It’s worth trying multiple.”

Max H


Currently based out of Boulder, Colorado— our little team of tea fanatics works hard around the clock to put our customers enjoyment, and connection to tea, above all else. We hope you love our offerings as much as we do.