2023 Spring Matcha Genmaicha

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Genmaicha is a combination of sencha and toasted brown rice. Our Matcha Genmaicha is our Genmaicha, which is then dusted in premium-grade 2023 Spring matcha. The added matcha gives the brew - whether hot, iced or cold brewed, an added level of richness and umami, with a thicker mouthfeel that is both refreshing and bright. We hope you enjoy this special treat.

The toasting of the brown rice, and the blending is all done in-house by our friends over in Japan.

Made with 100% organic ingredients.

Special Storage Instructions: Japanese green teas are delicate teas and oxidize quickly - for maximum freshness, we recommend to store them in an air-tight container in the refrigerator!

Characteristic Tasting Notes:

Hazelnut, light seaweed, umami

Brewing Instructions:

Water Temp: 140-148F

Amount: 8-12g tea, 140-200ml vessel

Steeping Time: 

1st Infusion: 5-6 seconds.

2nd Infusion: 10 seconds.

3rd Infusion: 20 seconds.

4th Infusion: 40 seconds.

Western Brewing Method:

Use 8-10g of tea for every 0.5 liters of water. Fill teapot or brewing device with water that's around 150F and steep for 3-4 minutes. Strain, and enjoy!

Iced Tea and Cold Brew Instructions:

We recommend enjoying Japanese green teas either iced, or cold brewed as a special treat!

Iced Tea: Use 10-12g of tea for every 0.5 liters of water. Heat water to 150F, fill brewing device and pop into the fridge. Strain after 5 minutes, or once chilled.

Cold Brew: Use 12-14g of tea for every 0.5 liters of water. Add tea directly to water, seal brewing device, and put in fridge. Wait approximately 12-18 hours, strain, and enjoy!