2020 Spring Wild Harvest Purple Bud Shoots Raw Puerh Tea

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This is an incredibly unique tea, consisting of meticulously hand-picked bud shoots, before they pop into leaves in mid to late spring, from wild tea trees in Yunnan province, and then processed like a Raw Puerh, by hand. The buds are purple, and have insanely good longevity for the delicacy of flavor, which is reminiscent of port wine, peppermint, and oak— in the most captivating and confusing way possible. The tea is harvested from non cultivated trees that are scattered throughout the forest in Yunnan, and are only harvested once a year when the bud shoot size is perfect. This is a must have tea for any enthusiast, or even a beginner, as its incredibly unique, but also fairly forgiving and easy to brew. 


Characteristic Tasting Notes:

- Oak, Port Wine, Peppermint, Floral. 

Brewing Instructions:

Water Temp: 180-186F

Amount: 4-7g tea, 140-200ml Pot

Steeping Time

1st Infusion: 5-6 seconds.

2nd Infusion: 5-6 seconds.

3rd Infusion: 5-7 seconds.

4th Infusion: 8-10 seconds.

5th Infusion: 15 seconds (add 5 additional seconds for any subsequent infusions after the 5th). 


Western Brewing Method:

     - Place 2-3g of tea (about 2-3 tbsp) in a straining device inside a mug, fill with water that’s 184F, steep 5 minutes, and enjoy.