2023 Spring Gyokuro Kukicha

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This is a Japanese Green Tea known as Gyokuro Kukicha. "Kukicha" is Japanese green tea which is made by separating the stems and stalks from the tea leaves during the production process. This kukicha is derived from gyokuro - a high-grade Japanese green tea which is shaded for around 20 days before harvesting. The shading of the tea results in increased L-Theanine content, as well as chlorophyll, which produces a beautiful deep-green color.

The tea is an inviting, and invigorating brew, and the stems give the tea a more balanced and naturally sweet finish, combined with the characteristic deep umami and notes of freshly-cut grass, or seaweed, in which you come to love from fresh Japanese green teas.

Special Storage Instructions: Japanese green teas are delicate teas and oxidize quickly - for maximum freshness, we recommend to store them in an air-tight container in the refrigerator!



Characteristic Tasting Notes:

Freshly-cut grass, light seaweed, deep sweetness

Brewing Instructions:

Water Temp: 140-148F

Amount: 5-8g tea, 140-200ml vessel

Steeping Time: 

1st Infusion: 4-6 seconds.

2nd Infusion: 6-8 seconds.

3rd Infusion: 10-12 seconds.

4th Infusion:  16+ seconds.

Western Brewing Method:

Use 5g of tea for every 0.5 liters of water. Fill teapot or brewing device with water that's around 150F and steep for 3-4 minutes. Strain, and enjoy!

Cold Brew Instructions:

We recommend enjoying Japanese green teas cold brewed as a special treat!

Cold Brew: Use 8 g of tea for every 0.5 liters of water. Add tea directly to chilled or room temperature water, seal container/brewing device, and put in the fridge. Wait approximately 12-18 hours, strain, and enjoy!